The most superior call recording apps for android 2017


Call recording is imperative when you are having a conversation with on important issues while you do not have a paper and pen to record, and you think you might forget whatever you have discussed. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to record your conversation digitally if you want to have proof that you indeed talked with someone about something. All these and many other situations require a call recorder.

Recording phone conversation

Typically, a call-recording app records the conversation, save it, and allows users to use it at a later date/time. Nowadays, there are tens and hundreds of such apps in the store, but not all of them work effectively and efficiently with all mobile devices. In other words, if you are using an Android phone, then you have to look for a good call-recording app for Android. Bearing in mind that there is a wide variety of these apps in the market, it might be a challenging task for users to choose the best app for their Android devices. However, we have made it simpler for you as we enlist the most superior call recording apps for android in 2017. Take a look!

#1. Auto Call Recorder 2017

The Auto Call Recorder is one of the most powerful and superior apps that records both incoming and outgoing phone calls in a crystal-clear HD sound quality. Besides the primary functional feature, the app contains other features such password protection, contacts backups, supports multiple languages, and much more.

Auto Call Recorder 2017 for android

#2. Record My Call (RMC) Android Call Recorder

RMC is simple, straightforward, and free call recording app for tablets and mobile Android devices. Record My Call is an app that comes with no frills or thrills; thus making it one of the most preferred call-recoding apps for 2017. However, the app is not automatic, so you have to enable anytime you want to record a call.

#3. All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder is another superior, powerful, and free call recorder app for android devices. It has a user-friendly interface that allows for recording of all incoming as well as outgoing calls. The app comes with a feature that arranges the recorded call based on different parameters such as time recorded, month, year, and even the amount of data, so it is easy to find the information you are looking. Besides that, it also supports cloud services.

All call recorder app for android

 #4. Easy Voice Recorder

An Easy Voice Recorder is one of the best Android apps that allows users to record their personal notes, classes, meetings, and any other details of interest. As the name suggest, it is stupidly easy to use the app and manage your recordings. Call records using this app is done to high-quality AAC and PMC formats. All the recorded data are available in a home screen widget, so you cannot beat around the bush trying to locate them!

#5. All Call Recorders Deluxe

All Call Recorder Deluxe is an efficient and straightforward yet powerful call-recording app for Android users. The app records digitally incoming and outgoing calls and saves them in 3gp files. Users can share the recorded calls via Skype, email, Bluetooth, Facebook, or even through cloud storage like Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox. The recordings can be automatic, but the app has an option for manual enabling.

All call recorder deluxe app for android


The list of the superior call recording apps for android for 2017 is just endless, but the apps mentioned above are just but a few. Nonetheless, if you need more great recording apps, then you can consider trying Automatic Call Recorder Pro and Galaxy Call Recorder.


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