Best 7 phone tracker apps for Android 2017


Regardless of how careful you may be, there comes a time when you forget or put your mobile device in a place where you cannot trace. As if that is not all, you might be involved in an unfortunate experience where skilled pick-pocketer gets away with your phone. Indeed, losing your communication gadget in these modern days is an awful and a frightening experience.

Stressed man after losing an android smartphone

In fact, it is not only the cost of the phone that you have lost, but you have also lost your personal data, contact information, personal photos, and so on. If you are using an Android user, then you need to be informed that there exists an array of mobile programs and applications designed to track your phone. You might be wondering which the best app to choose among the many, but this should not be a challenge since we have compiled a list of the best seven tracker apps for Android in 2017. See below:

#1. Where’s my Droid

Despite the fact that this app has been around for quite some time, we have chosen it to be the best android phone tracker application for 2017. It looks simple and straightforward, but it has a lot of power. Some of the prominent features of this app include locating your phone, blocking everything, locking it up, and much more. The pro version of the app is even better; it has functionalities like remote wiping, hiding the app icon, keeping the app from being uninstalled, and the ability to make use of landline when activating it.

Where's My Droid app for android

#2. Cerberus

It is a great app highly rated and applauded by many Android users, and it is still the best-ranked app in 2017. It has a massive range of features including sounding alarms, resetting and lock the phone, displaying messages on the screen so that whoever has it can read and has access to the front camera so it can take and send the picture of the one having it. The app is always is hidden, so no one can suspect that it is there.

#3. AntiDroidTheft

AntiDroidTheft is one of the best tracking apps for Android devices. It detects that there is a new SIM card inserted, and immediately captures a photo of whoever has it and sent to your web account. Another incredible feature of this app is viewing the position of the device using GPS.

Cerberus tracker android app

#4. Mobistealth

Mobistealth is an excellent Android app that tracks your phone in different ways, including GPS, radio tower signals, and Wi-Fi. Indeed, this feature is absent in many other tracking apps, which makes the above the best choice if you are serious about tracking your device.

#5. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey is another best great tracking app for Android in 2017. To trace your phone, you have to send short text message of the word ‘Go Prey.’ Alternatively, you can visit the control panel and then mark your phone as missing. As soon as you have reported, you will be presented with a range of features including capture photo, lock down, GPS location, trigger a loud alarm, gather network information, and much more.

Prey Anti-Theft app for android

#6. Plan B

Plan B is a tracking app for Android devices designed by Lookout Labs. It uses the signal from the GPS to track down the device. The location information retrieved is sent to the owner through email or via SMS.

#7. GPS Phone Tracker Pro

Regarding simplicity and functionality, the above is the ultimate Android tracking app for 2017. It is ideal if you want to know where your kids, friends, or partners are. It is simple as installing the application on their phones. Once done, you can track them via GPS all-round-the-clock. The app does not only provide the exact location, but it also keeps direction to where the device is. This app plays a critical role in incidences such as abduction or accident.

Gps phone tracker pro app for android


Although there are many other impeccable tracking apps for Android users, the above are the best so far in 2017. Therefore, do not risk losing your phone anymore; consider installing one of the above to have a piece of mind.


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