5 best number blockers for iPhone


One of the many reasons for buying a phone is for effective communication. On a single day, you will receive a countless number of calls, most of which are legitimate, but some are quite irritating. It is even more annoying answering Telemarketing or spam calls during meetings or during personal time! Another example of an annoying call is perhaps a phone call from an irritating ex.

Irritating phone calls

Unfortunately, you would not know these calls by just looking at the number, but there are some ultimate solutions to this challenge. One of them is to have number blocker app installed on your phone. Well, one of the incredible things about having an iPhone is that you can block any unwanted number from calling by installing such apps. Although there are many number blockers for iPhone out there in the market and store, we have enlisted five of the best, which include the following:

#1. iBlack List

iBlack List is one of the best number blocker app for iPhone in 2017. The application allows users to select callers whom they do not wish to receive calls from and also hide or screen the message from the said callers. The app has a parental guidance feature that blocks outgoing calls.

iBlack List screenshot

#2. Sync.Me-Caller ID and Spam Block

This app offers plenty of great features that protect users from unwanted calls. It identifies unknown numbers and blocks suspected spam and telemarketing calls. It also adds a caller photo to user’s contacts using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The app comes with a widget for user’s Notification Center, so they do not have to open the app to check the unknown phone numbers. The premium paid version has more functionalities than the free version.

#3. Mr. Number

If you are looking for an iOS number blocker app that is simple to use and does not trouble during calls, then Mr. Number is the best choice. It can lock up phone numbers for those you do not want to know, block unwanted spam calls, and much more. The app allows users to get real-time alerts when they get incoming calls from numbers deemed scam or associated with spam calls. Users can also help the entire community by reporting and blocking spam calls.

Mr Number blocker

#4. Hiya Call Security

Hiya Call Security is perhaps one of the best number blockers for iPhone currently available in the store. The app lets users know the phone number who has called and offers the ability to block unwanted callers. The above application provides real-time spam-check dialer, detection, reverse phone lookup, and much more.

#5. Truecaller: Number Search and Spam Identification

Truecaller is the number one search and call identification app that enables users to check the caller ID of the number of whoever is calling on a real-time basis. Users can also search the names and locations of unknown callers. Besides that, it prevents unwanted calls and enables people to see how many times other users have reported a spam call. Therefore, with this feature, there is no way you can pick up unwanted spam call!

Truecaller-Number Search and Spam Identification


The list of number blockers for iPhone currently available in the market is immense, but those mentioned above are best. Nonetheless, if you need more, other apps such as Caller-ID, YouMail, Trapcall, Call Bliss, CIA, The Bad Decision Blocker, Do Not Call, and Hide The Caller are incredible as well. Overall, number blockers are imperative if you want to have a piece of mind carrying out your errands and do away with call spammers, telemarketers, and any other annoying phone calls.


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