5 best number blockers for android


We buy phones to make communication easier. However, it is not a good experience to get unwanted calls from a number you do not know. In fact, it can be annoying to get calls from an ex, telemarketer, or someone is just calling to disturb you. Nowadays, people are always busy with their professional and personal tasks, and receiving such calls (or even text messages) kills their valuable time.

Tired receiving unwanted calls

If you are using an Android phone, then there are several ways of avoiding these inconveniences. One of the best solutions is to use a number-blocking app, and the latest news is that there are tons of such apps in the market. If you think you have challenge choosing the best, which is perhaps the scenario with many Android users, then worry no more as unveil a list of five best number blocker apps for Android in 2017. Have a look!

#1. Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is one of the best number blockers for Android devices. Besides blocking unwanted calls, it also blocks spam messages. Typically, the app can block calls from call logs and contacts as well as messages log. Indeed, users can quickly find and filter spam, private, or telemarketer numbers. The app features an advanced whitelist option. The application can be downloaded free from Google play store.

#2. Call Control-Call Blocker

Call Control is perhaps the best app to block numbers, calls, and texts in Android devices. The app has over one billion already blocked calls as well as messages, so, it knows the numbers to block once it has been installed on your phone. Another incredible feature in this app is the reverse phone lookup feature.

Call Control-Call Blocker

#3. Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker is one of the best premium paid number-blocking app for Android devices. The app features advanced call-blocking modes where the user can set custom voice to be automatically replied to unwanted numbers. Besides that, it has an advanced spam-filtering mode that blocks all spam and telemarketers numbers. The app also has a way of picking and hanging up calls automatically so that the unwanted caller does not leave a voicemail message.

#4. Blacklist Plus-Call Blocker

If you are tired of your Android inbuilt call blocking option or you are just looking for an ultimate app that filters and blocks unwanted or telemarketing calls automatically, then the Blacklist Plus-Call Blocker is the best choice. The above app is a simple and straightforward app that allows users to create a blacklist with particular number range. Other key features of this app include the ability to block private or hidden numbers, mute/hang up blacklisted calls, and battery saving feature.

Blacklist Plus-Call Blocker

#5. Call Blocker Free-Blacklist

The Call Blocker Free is one of the best free number blocking app for Android devices, and it effectively blocks spam calls and SMS. Indeed, it is the finest call blocker app available free of charge. It is a user-friendly app with incredible features such as multiple call-blocking modes, supports multiple languages, blocked call/SMS notification, and allows users to create their blacklist and whitelist.


Undoubtedly, there are an endless number of number blocker apps for Android currently available in the market. However, the above mentioned are the considered the best among the many, and therefore, it is highly advisable to have one of them installed on your phone if you need to stay away from unwanted calls.


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