5 best anti-theft Apps for iPhone 2017


iPhone is one of the sophisticated and hottest communication gadgets around. With this fact alone, it is not a surprise to see many thieves trying their way to steal them. Indeed, if an iPhone is stolen or lost, then the owner will have lots of traumatic experiences, bearing in mind that these gadgets are worth several hundreds of dollars. As we all know, it is not only the phone that you are going to lose, but you will be worried about the potentials of the thief accessing to crucial information and data such as usernames, passwords, personal photos, banking applications/details, phone numbers, and much more. All these lead to stressful situations!

Stressful man after losing an expensive iphone

While there’s no way to guarantee your smartphone from being stolen, there are some few ways to reduce the possibilities of that happening. One of them is installing an anti-theft app on your phone. Fortunately, out there in the market, there are tens of hundreds of such apps for iPhone users. It could be a challenge choosing the best, but we have made it even simpler by enlisting the best five anti-theft apps for iPhone in 2017. Have a look!

#1. Find My iPhone

If your device is stolen despite security measures you have put in place, you can use the above app to try locating and recovering it. Indeed, it is the best anti-theft so far to find lost Apple devices. The app comes with incredible features such as the ability to locate a lost device on a map, passcode remote locking, remote data erasing, display of custom messages, and so on.

Find my iPhone app

#2. Immobilizer for iPhone

The Immobilizer for iPhone is one of the best anti-theft apps that protect your device against theft by alarming you when motion is detected. In fact, the alarm sounds even in cases the app is turned off.

#3. SecureIT Anti-theft

If lost or misplaced your iPhone, this app helps you to remote wipe, lock, locate, and send an alerting alarm to protect it from bad people and thieves. The app works well with iOS 5 or later versions, and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. SecureIT Anti-theft app is available for free and premium, but of course, the premium paid version has better features that the former.

Secure IT Anti Theft app for iPhone

#4. NotMyPhone

NotMyPhone is another incredible anti-theft app for iPhones that combines theft prevention as well as theft recovery mechanisms. The app functions like a motion sensor, but it can as well use the iPhone’s gyroscope feature to detect any unwanted movement. When stolen, the screen and camera begin flashing while making piercing alarm. Besides that, if the phone is stolen, the app sends out secure emails along with the photos of the person having it.

#5. Hidden Anti-theft

Hidden Anti-theft is one of the best and cleverest apps for iPhone in 2017. The app tracks a stolen or missing phone based on Wi-Fi and GPS geo-location data. Besides that, it features the ability to take images (using the front-facing camera). The cleverness of this app comes when it triggers a false alarm message that requires the one having it to view and tap any button to dismiss. As soon as the thief touches any button trying to reject the message, photos are automatically taken and send to the owner’s account.

Hidden anti theft app for iPhones


As earlier mentioned, there are many anti-theft apps for iPhone devices in the store, but those mentioned above are the best. Nonetheless, if you want you more, you can also consider trying iGuard Ant-theft, Prey Anti-theft, and Alarm Security ALL-IN-1. Overall, all these apps play a critical role in ensuring that your most valued phone is not stolen, and if misplaced, you can easily recover it. Therefore, to stay safe, it is imperative that you need to install an ant-theft app on your phone.


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