5 best anti-theft apps for Android 2017


Do you have a smartphone? If so, have ever thought of what is going to happen if is stolen tomorrow? Well, the truth of the matter is that smartphones are one of the excellent communication devices, but the downside of it is that the rates at which there are stolen are alarming. Indeed, no matter how careful you may be, at some point, your phone can be stolen or just get lost!

lost android device

Therefore, if you want to be safe, it is highly advisable that you have some anti-theft applications on your gadget. Fortunately, for users using Android phones, there are varieties of such apps currently available in the market. However, due to the high number of anti-theft apps, it can be a challenging task for some users to choose the best app for their phones. Nonetheless, we have made things even much easier by compiling a list of five of the best anti-theft apps for Android in 2017. It includes the following:

#1. Lookout

Lookout has been there for a while, but how it functions is incredibly and hence it has become the ultimate choice for many Android users. The app has ‘Locate and Scream’ feature that plays a critical role in locating a missing android device. Besides that, the app can receive an e-mail whenever the SIM card is changed, the phone is turned off, or any other unscrupulous actions that theft might want to do after stealing. Indeed, the app will take the picture and send it via email.

Lookout anti theft app for android

#2. Avast Anti-theft

Avast Anti-theft is one of the best anti-theft apps for Android mobile devices in 2017. It is an app designed by one of the world’s leading anti-virus software developers, Avast. The above application has numerous features that make it stand out from the rest. If your device is lost, just visit their website and immediately lock it with a custom text message. Besides that, the app will tell you the current phone number and the location of the device at any instance of time.

#3. Pre Anti-Theft

Prey is one of the best anti-theft solutions that trace lost Android phones and tablets. The app is jam-packed with incredible features, and if a device is lost, the user just logs into the website and mark it missing. Immediately, through the app, the device sends out its location, locks the device, take photos, display customized messages, and of course, sound a loud alarm.

Pre Anti theft app for android

#4. Bitdefender Anti-theft

Just like the Android Device Manager, Bitdefender Anti-theft app offers the ability to locate a lost Android phone on a map and lock it from the remote. Besides that, this app adds the functionality of notifying users whenever their SIM card is changed. It sends this information to the number you had assigned.

#5. GotYa!

GotYa! is perhaps the best anti-theft android app for 2017. It captures the photo of whoever who has it using the front camera and send it together with GPS coordinates. When activated, the device displays messages on the screen and prompts the one having it to surrender or else arrested by the police.

GotYa anti theft app for android


As earlier mentioned, nowadays, the rate at which mobile devices are being stolen is on the rise and if you still have yours today, then do not assume a sense of false security. Stay safe today, tomorrow, and forever by ensuring that your phone is fully secured by anti-theft apps, most of which are list above.


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